“Welcome to our new home”

It is such a blessing to be able to share our life, journey and testimonies. Two centuries ago, in the tidewater regions of Maryland and Delaware, traditional African worship practices merged with the beckoning Christianity of the Methodist Church. A movement that came to be known as “The Singing and Praying Bands.” We are one family in many locations that is passionate about God, family, relationships and “one’s” call to salvation. Our services is a place we call home, a place of healing and hope. We are a team of ministers and laity seeking to create an online presence for our audiences that is both memorable and measurable.

—Revered Colbert

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for our audiences to witness the formation of band societies that were formed by John Wesley in the 18th century with the purpose of winning souls to Christ. We will continue the camp-meeting movement within the walls of the Black churches with our “Services.”

Our Plan

To welcome the community with open arms. To train an army or people who have a passion for Christ and live out the purpose of camp-meetings and the culture of religious values and traditions. To enhance the format of the ministry through ring shout singing and celebration, accompanied by that of a spiritual chorus.

Our Future

We will continue our relentless pursuit to reach one more for Christ by opening our circle outside the walls of the sanctuary. To reach beyond the Methodist and A.M.E. denominations to a broader grass root in places we have never been before.

Upcoming Events