The Singing & Praying Bands of Maryland & Delaware

The following charter and by-laws were established and voted on at the “First Convocation” of the ‘Prayer Bands,’ on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at the Dunes Manor Hotel, Ocean City, MD.


To provide an opportunity for audiences to witness the formation of band societies that was formed by John Wesley in the 18th century with the purpose of winning souls to Christ. We will continue the “Camp – Meeting” movement within the walls of the Black churches with our “Services.”


To welcome the community with open arms. To train an army of people who have a passion for Christ and live out the purpose of “Camp – Meeting” and the culture of religious values and traditions. To enhance the format of the ministry through ring shout singing and celebration, accompanied by that of a spiritual chorus.


We will continue our relentless pursuit to reach one more person for Christ by opening our circle outside the walls of the sanctuary. To reach beyond the United Methodist and A.M.E. denomination to a broader grass root in places we have never been before.

Uniform Guidelines

Band members shall gather early for all services and sit together in proper uniform.

  • White uniform – third Sunday in May – second Sunday in September
  • Black uniform – third Sunday in September – second Sunday in May
  • Funerals – Ladies will always wear black uniform; men dark suits and white shirts.
  • AT NO TIME, shall pants be worn by ladies when in service.

Prayer Services at a Church

The band captain of the sponsoring church or the person responsible for the service shall read their program so each band will know the order in which they are to sing and pray.

The band that open the prayer meeting should always open with a verse hymn and followed by a prayer. The next band will sing and another band pray in that order.

The band that is praying shall have their members kneeling or sitting on the mourner’s bench/chairs during the prayer/ The next band to sing should join those on the mourner’s bench/chairs.

Services at a Public Venue

The “Coordinator” shall organize the order in which the members are to sing and prayer prior to entering the platform. Time is usually an element that will determine how may hymns and or prayers will be offered.

Service for a Deceased Member

The bands will gather in the rear of the church and process down the main aisle. The men on the left and ladies on the right. If the first captain is a male, he will follow the “Coordinator.” The first female captain will partner with the “Coordinator” and the other bands will follow.

Processional hymn will be “March Along, March Along, see you Again, See you Again. March along, march along, see you in that day.

Their will only be two speakers, including the host band captain. If the decease is a male, all male speakers; if decease is a female, all female speakers in addition to the “Coordinator.”

Officers of the Singing & Praying Bands of Maryland & Delaware

Elected Officers 2016 – 2019

The following officers were elected and will serve for a three-year term; at which time an election will be held. Persons may serve another term if they choose to do so.

Rev. S. Jerry Colbert


Sister Ann Anderson

1st Vice Coordinator

Rev. James Bishop

2nd Vice Coordinator

Sister Lesley Lee


Sister Tarry Morris

Financial officer

Sister Jackie Harris

Assistant Financial Officer

Lay Servant Saundra Parker

Financial Secretary

Lay Servant Anthony Johnson


Executive Committee

Linden Tunnell (Antioch A.M.E.), Elder Naomi Wescott (Antioch A.M.E.), John Oliver (Antioch A.M.E.), Sarah Ervin (New Revised UM), Patricia McNamara (New Revised UM), Hilton Timmons (Mt. Calvary UM-Berlin), Vernita Harrison (Mt. Zion UM-Magothy), Margaret Coates (Asbury Broadneck UM), Marian Carpenter (Public Historian)